Moo, baa, woof woof. Here are some hilarious jokes that animals might write … if animals could write jokes, that is. Warning: some of them are so funny you’ll be laughing until the cows come home. Others will make you want to mooove to another planet. Either way, these are one of the easiest types of jokes to make up, so please have a go and post your efforts below.

What does a frog do if it hurts its leg?
Rub it

What did the pigs say when they fell into a river?
Bloink bloink!

How does a lion like its meat?

What does a cat say when it gets injured?
Me ow!

What do you call two horses side-by-side?

How much is that chicklet in the window?

What did the cow say when it was launched into space?

What do sheep dogs say?

What did the mosquito say after it had finished drinking?

What does a baby duck say when it breaks open its egg?
Crack crack

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