My latest mewsings come in the form of cat jokes. As always, some are hilarious and some will leave you catatonic. But if you can come up with your own feline comedy, please throw it in the kitty by posting you funniest jokes in the comment section below.

What does a cat say when it gets injured? Me ow!

Where does a cat keep its money? In its purrs

What do you get if a cat tries to use punctuation? A Cat-apostrophe

Who’s the main cat? A lion

What do you say if someone sees a leopard in their garden? Good spotting!

What do you call a row of cats? A feline

How do cats stir eggs? With their whiskers

What do cats play football with? A Fur Ball

What do you call a cat that is glued to a wooden base? A cat-as-trophy

Singing cats aren’t funny… They’re a mew sing

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