To celebrate all things Barking Mad, here are 10 barking mad dog jokes. If they have you howling with laughter, be sure to follow my lead and post your own jokes in the comment section. If you think they stink like a wet mutt … show me you’re the top dog by posting your grrrrrreat efforts below!

What’s brown and smells? A dog’s nose!

What do sheep dogs say? Baaaaaaaark!

Why should you never steal a dog’s wig? It’s not fur!

What does a smelly dog say? Whiff whiff

What should you do if a dog holds up both its hands? Pause

What did the dog say when it sat on some sandpaper? Rough!

What do you need to do if you live with a dog and a cow? Take the ruff with the smoooooooth

How do dog scientists enter their place of work? Through the Labradoor

What do you call a dog that has finished pooing? A pooed all

Why did the dog breathe into the washing machine? It was trying to clean its pants

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